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  300-1   Amplifier Modules (Application Notes)  
  300-2   How to Measure Noise in Amplifier Modules (Application/Operating Notes)  
  311 / 341   Transimpedance Amplifiers (Application/Operating Notes)  
  312A / 712A   Amplifiers (Application/Operating Notes)  
  521A   Programmable High Voltage Power Supply (Application/Operating Notes)  
  562 / 564   Capacitor Charging Power Supply (Application/Operating Notes)  
  5703 / 5704   Power Module (Control Interface Description)  
  5705   Laser Diode Power Module (Control Interface Description)  
  5723 / 5724 & 5753 / 5754 Std.   Power Supply (Control Interface Description, Standard Configuration)  
  7510   High Sensitivity APD Optical Receiver (Application Notes)  
  760-57   OEM Seed Laser Diode Driver Assembly (Operating Notes)  
  7701A   Laser Diode Driver (Interface Description)  
  779A   Laser Diode Driver (Operating Instructions)  
  862A / 867   Flashlamp Simmer Supplies (Application Notes)  
  864   Flashlamp Simmer Supply (Interface Description)  
  8800V   Laser Controller (Application Notes)  
  CCPS   Capacitor Charging Power Supply (General Application Notes)  

  Note: Some of our Application Notes are not reflected above because the information is ITAR controlled as "Technical Data." Please contact AMI for more information.