Pockels Cell Drivers

Pockels Cell DriversAMI's line of Pockels cell drivers employs MOSFET technology which provides excellent noise immunity and a smooth output waveform. AMI's OEM drivers offer reliable, high voltage pulsing in compact surface mount modules. These drivers include an internal high voltage power supply and provide a monitor to observe the high voltage output amplitude prior to the pulse. AMI's Pockels cell drivers meet the stringent reliability requirements  for medical and industrial applications.

Data Sheets (PDF Format) are available for models listed below.

Model Max.Output Voltage Input Voltage Risetime Recovery Repetition Rate
823B 3.2kV +12VDC ≤ 30ns ≤ 8ms ≤ 30Hz
825B -3.5kV +15VDC ≤ 30ns ≤ 150µs ≤ 100Hz
8261C 5.5kV +24VDC ≤ 25ns ≤ 25ns 5kHz
Specifications are subject to change without notice.